Welcome to OrthoMobile Inc. and its innovative product, the Walk N Roll™.

The Walk N Roll™ is a unique mobility aid, a cross between a cane and a walker. It was designed and built to improve autonomy and make rehabilitation easier in people suffering from an injury or ailment to a foot, a heel, an ankle or a lower leg. The Walk N RollTM is an alternative to crutches.

The Walk N Roll™ is: 
• Stable
• Comfortable
• Robust
• Adjustable
• Compact
• Light

The Walk N Roll™ allows its user to:
• Get around easily, inside and outside
• Go up or down a flight of stairs
• Free his or her arms and upper body and go about his or her daily activities such as taking a shower, cooking, shaving, putting on makeup etc.
• Work comfortably in an upright position
• Work while seated, or read, or watch TV, using the Walk N Roll™ as a footrest

Compared to crutches, the Walk N Roll™ reduces the duration of cast immobilization and allows for a quicker rehabilitation.

The Walk N Roll™ is a solution that patients take to with enthusiasm and that clinicians deem efficient and secure.