The Walk N Roll™ is recommended for injuries or ailments below the knee: for example, ankle, foot or heel fracture; sprain; amputation of the foot or leg; ruptured Achilles tendon; diabetic ulcer; rheumatoid arthritis of the foot; skin cancer of the foot; bunions; gout. The Walk N Roll™ allows a patient to stand and get around easily, while his/her affected leg rests in a horizontal position, with the knee resting gently on the cushion. Also, the thigh muscles continue being active.

In the event of a fracture, attending physicians have found that using the Walk N Roll™ reduces the duration of cast immobilization and allows for a quicker rehabilitation. In the event of an amputation of a lower limb, the Walk N Roll™ can be used while waiting for the prosthesis or even in addition to the prosthesis, for example, when going to the bathroom at night.