On a personal level, the Walk N Roll™ is a user-friendly apparatus that allows for better autonomy. Users of the Walk N Roll™ can get around outside and inside, as well as go up or down a flight of stairs. Compared to crutches, the Walk N Roll™ is more than just an aid to mobility. When in a standstill position, it frees the arms and upper body and allows for a secure and stable weight distribution in both hips. Users can then go about their daily activities such as taking a shower, cooking, shaving, putting on makeup etc.

In some cases, they can also go back to their professional activities more quickly, since, on top of being able to get around more easily, they can comfortably work in an upright position. In one case, the Walk N Roll™ allowed a teacher to return to class earlier than expected because she was able to move around the classroom and stand in front of the blackboard with both arms free. The Walk N Roll™ can also be used as a footrest while the user is reading or watching television.