OrthoMobile Inc. is a company whose mission is to design, outsource manufacturing and market mobility aids which significantly improve the autonomy of its users. The Walk N Roll™ is the company’s first product.

Where does the Walk N Roll™ comes from?

The Walk N Roll™ was born out of a need and an idea from its inventor, Gérald Lapierre. Following a fractured heel, Gérald was given crutches. He felt that his autonomy was too limited. Taking a shower, cooking his meals, working in his office, all these activities were difficult to carry out with crutches. While in the shower, Gérald got the idea of designing a walking aid that would be a cross between a cane and a walker, on which he could rest his knee. Such a walking aid would allow him to move around and, when standing still, to use both his hands and upper body to go about his daily activities normally. This is how the Walk N Roll™ was born. From need to idea, from idea to prototype, from prototype to product, Gérald Lapierre’s dream has finally come true: using innovation to improve mobility and autonomy.