Fractured Heel :  : « I fractured my heel and they fitted me with a plaster cast. Since I have severe pains in both my shoulders, I couldn’t use crutches. So, I was confined to a wheelchair. Then I found about the Walk N Roll. The Walk N Roll gave me back my freedom. I was now able to get around the house, go upstairs or downstairs and go about my daily activities. The Walk N Roll allowed me to recuperate faster physically and psychologically  ». Yvonne, 68 year old.

Broken Ankle  : « When I broke my right ankle, I had to use crutches to move around. I developed a pain in my hips, my shoulders and my neck. Then I heard about the Walk N Roll and I rented one. Right from the beginning, I felt much less pressure on my hips. I could move inside and outside my house without pain. Moreover, with the Walk N Roll, I was able to do the chores that were impossible for me to do with crutches, like cooking meals. And my physician removed my plaster cast after 51/2 weeks instead of 8, having noticed that my fracture had healed much sooner than anticipated ». Hélène, 49 year old.

Amputation of Lower Leg  : « The Walk N Roll is an essential aid for me. I really appreciate it because it allows me to stand and, with both hands free, to carry out diverse activities. And since the Walk N Roll is light, it gives me much improved mobility and autonomy. The Walk N Roll helps me keep my equilibrium while waiting for my prosthesis ». Conrad, 57 year old.

Hallux Valgus et Hammer Toe (Osteotomy of 1st and 2nd toes)  : « Thanks to the Walk N Roll, healing was faster and easier. I was able to move around more freely with comfort and security. I really appreciated being able to keep on doing my homework because I had one hand free while moving and both hands free while standing still. That would have been impossible with crutches. Also, the Walk N Roll allowed my thigh muscles to continue being active because I was moving around with my knee resting on the cushion of the Walk N Roll » Marie-Ange, 58 year old.

Skin Cancer of the Foot : « My first comment on seeing the Walk N Roll was : « I wish there had been something like this available 41/2 years ago, when I first went on crutches . » I can now stand at the counter to make a sandwich, or dry a few dishes, things that make me feel a little more independence and usefulness. Using the Walk N Roll, as opposed to two crutches, helps me straighten my posture and relieve some of the stress on my one good leg, by distributing my weight more evenly on both legs. Thank you once again in making this apparatus available to me. And, while it isn’t a cure for my cancer, it makes me feel good knowing there are people, like yourself, who care, who are out there trying to find ways to make life easier for people like me. I feel the Walk N Roll definitely has a place out there; and there is a need to be filled. » Michael, 32 year old.

Sprained Ankle  : « The Walk N Roll helped me a lot. It is easy to use. I used it to go upstairs and downstairs, take a shower and move around inside and outside the house. I was able to go in and out of my car easily, because the Walk N Roll is very light and doesn’t take too much room inside the car.  » Vince, 46 year old.

Broken Ankle  : « I broke an ankle while playing hockey. I enjoyed using the Walk N Roll to move around. It helped me go upstairs and downstairs. I was able to go anywhere with it. Let me tell you that my teammates having injured their feet in the past would have loved to have a Walk N Roll during their convalescence  » Martin, 25 year old.


« The Walk N Roll helped my patient during his rehabilitation following a calcaneum fracture. It helped reduce the duration of plaster cast immobilization, it increased his mobility and it also helped reduce the duration of physiotherapy ». General Surgeon

« The Walk N Roll was very useful in the treatment of my patient’s fractured left heel. Due to Walk N Roll, he saved up to two months of cast immobilisation and his rehabilitation was speeded up  ».
General Surgeon